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Hands of Respect by Athens sculptor Stan Mullins is located on Greensboro Highway.  (Wayne Ford/THE OCONEE LEADER)

Watkinsville art program captures curiosity of city officials across Georgia

The city of Watkinsville has engaged its residents in an outdoors art program featuring sculptures and more than a dozen art panels. The artworks, including one granite piece weighing in at 12,000 pounds, are placed at various locations throughout the city. “We are pleased with what we have done to this point,” Watkinsville Mayor Charles Ivie said recently explaining that the program captured the curiosity of city leaders elsewhere. “We were invited by the (Georgia) Municipal Association at its June convention to present our program to a group of mayors and city managers,” he said. At the GMA convention, Ivie…

Wayne Ford

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sunday sales

Oconee citizens could be voting on Sunday alcohol sales soon


Amber Howell (photo courtesy of Armstrong State)

Prince Avenue Christian grad Amber Howell named assistant coach at Armstrong State

Prince Avenue Christian grad Amber Howell was a graduate assistant coach last season for Armstrong State University where she played collegiate basketball for two years. Last week, Howell was named a full-time assistant coach by Armstrong State head coach Fala Bullock. “My sophomore year out of my junior college when I started to get recruited again for my four-year, a lot of the schools I looked at talked about graduate assistant coaching. Before then, I didn’t know you could be a GA and that could help you be an assistant. Going into my junior year, that is why I picked…